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Eva Wealth for Women is a fresh new approach in financial planning. We help women understand and deal with unique financial challenges they face.

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We understand women…

Our aim is to empower women by guiding them from financial insecurity to financial independence.  

Whether you are taking responsibility for the family finances for the first time, as a result of a partners’ death, or divorce, or whether you are a professional working woman in the midst of your career, at Eva Wealth Management for Women, our mission is to provide highly qualified financial planning and wealth management advice within an environment where you feel comfortable to talk.

Whatever stage of the journey our clients come to us, the common thread that links them all is that they want to act to take control of their future, understand their finances and make their money work as hard for them as it can.  We can help them gain clarity and control of their financial life so that they can focus on achieving what matters most to them.

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We are “people people”

We are here to listen to your goals and aspirations, your concerns and your fears. We work with you to provide a clear picture of what your options are.  By getting to know YOU and your situation, we can help you build a financial plan for now and your future.

As Chartered Financial Planners, we not only have the wealth of experience to deal with whatever situation you are facing, we also have the technical expertise and knowhow to form the best possible plan based on the most up to date information.  For all our clients however, it’s so much more than creating a financial plan… it’s about giving back a sense of financial control and security.

Women typically think differently to men and so our relationship with money, our thought processes as we problem solve and evaluate our own situation is often very different and so should be managed accordingly.

The importance of understanding how women manage wealth

There are some clear differences in men’s and women’s lives: women tend to live longer than men, and many interrupt their careers to have children, or forego high-earning jobs to prioritise childcare. As a group, there are trends that show that women also manage wealth differently. This isn’t about which is better or right, this is simply about recognising that there is a difference and making sure the needs of each group are met.

For example, women are:

  • more likely to seek professional advice than men in the same situation
  • less likely to feel confident however, about their own ability to make sound financial decisions 
  • less risk tolerant 
  • seek to understand all the facts before reaching a decision
  • want to invest in a socially responsible way
  • more focused on life goals and to seek professional advice as a result of a life event
  • more likely to seek a personal fit with their chosen adviser 

We are passionate about understanding the diversity of women’s needs and empowering our clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to grow and protect their wealth in new ways.

Jackie’s Testimonial

With Financial Services, the different taxes, and the huge range of products available put in a pot with the UK’s poor financial education, most people either fear or ignore seeking financial advice. Add to this previous mis-selling scandals and other horror stories and it is easy to see why people don’t know how to choose a professional adviser.

I was grateful to be introduced to Sarah Roughsedge. At our initial meetings she quickly put me at ease, and explained everything was ultimately my decision. She has provided excellent advice, guidance and more importantly a sense of comfort, knowing that whatever happens my financial affairs are in very capable hands with my family well looked after. The service provided is personal, never rushed, with all unfamiliar topics fully and carefully explained. Whilst relying on Sarah throughout, I feel in complete control of my decisions. I would recommend her to anyone requiring reassurance and a safe pair of hands.

“If anything happened to one of us, we would know that we could call Clarus and they would know everything about us, which at what could be very stressful times in our lives would be so important. They are a critical friend on the journey through the forest.”

If anything they are even more serious about our money than we are.


We have recommended Clarus Wealth to family and friends and wouldn’t hesitate in saying that if you’re looking for an IFA, who will keep you involved with your finances while taking away the grind of managing them, and who will explain things clearly and honestly, then Clarus Wealth is an excellent company to turn to.


Get in touch…

When you contact Eva Wealth, we want your experience to be rewarding from the outset. Why not get in touch today to see how we can help you get started in taking control of your financial future.

We offer an initial meeting at no cost. If you like what you have read about us, give us a call on 01935 315611 or email hello@evawealth.co.uk and we can assess whether we feel this is a journey we can embark on together!

Sarah Roughsedge, Founder
Eva Wealth Management for Women

Chartered Status

Did you know that not all firms hold Chartered Status? We’re proud of our awarded status as Chartered Financial Planners. For us, it is so much more than a badge or an acknowledgement of exams passed. As a Chartered Firm, we are committed to a strict code of ethics and professional standards. Our Chartered badge proudly tells you that we have made a public commitment to putting you first.

Independent Financial Planner

We are completely independent, impartial and unbiased. This means that we truly work for you and with your best interests in mind at all times, giving you the best financial advice, considering the whole market and not influenced by any providers or other interested parties.

Client Forum

We don’t just pay lip service to listening to what our clients want. We regularly hold Client Forums throughout the year to truly understand how we can best serve our clients. We listen to what’s working and if something needs to be changed to make us better financial advisors, we make it happen. It is our mission to not only improve, but excel in what we do for our clients.

The Financial Vulnerability Taskforce

The Financial Vulnerability Taskforce is a newly created independent representative body covering the Personal Finance Sector whose ultimate purpose is to promote greater UNDERSTANDING, encourage appropriate BEHAVIOURS and establish GOOD PRACTICE in respect of consumer vulnerability. It will act as an informed source of positive influence on both policy makers, professionals and the general public alike. In doing so, we hope that professionals working across the Personal Finance Sector are increasingly seen as a ‘safe pair of hands’, especially by those who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.

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