Investor In Customers Award

“Clarus Wealth, independent Financial Planners with offices in Somerset and Surrey achieves an exceptional ‘gold’ award from customer experience experts, Investor in Customers (IIC)”

– March 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved this Gold Award from Investor in Customers (IIC). This is our first assessment and, with a score of 9.17 (out of ten), ranks us the 7th highest score for a first assessment in IIC’s history

A little bit about why we engaged with Investor in Customers

It has always been important to us to make sure that we are focusing our efforts on the things that our clients want from us – not on the things that we THINK our clients want from us.

We engaged with IIC to uncover the truth behind the client experience we deliver, validate current performance, and identify weak spots for improvement.

How IIC work

Investor in Customers (IIC) is one of the UK’s leading customer experience consultancies offering independent assessments which conduct rigorous benchmarking exercises. These exercises determine the quality of client service and relationships across several dimensions, including how well a company understands its clients, how it meets their needs and how it engenders loyalty. IIC also compares the internal views of staff to identify how embedded the client is within the company’s thinking.

The IIC scoring matrix is split across four key criteria: understanding customer needs, meeting customer needs, delighting customers and engendering loyalty.

  • We are delighted to know we scored Gold across all 4 principles – both by our clients and our team.
  • We also have achieved a ‘World Class’ Net Promoter Score ™ of +85%

Some of the lovely things our clients said:

  • “I know Clarus Wealth are reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and I have had years of excellent support and care of my investments.  The staff are conscientious, and they have always done their best for me.
  • They are extremely good at explaining and clarifying details to me which is a great help.”
  • “The Clarus Wealth team are so friendly and explain their financial services simply so that I understand.”
  • “Trustworthy, honest, plain talking with good knowledge.”
  • “Always been very impressed at how thorough and clear the whole process feels when sorting out a product/service at Clarus Wealth.”
  • “Personal focused knowledgeable efficient attention to detail.”

What it means to us

We are thrilled with the results of the IIC CX Assessment. To achieve a ‘World Class’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Gold status from both clients and our team is really humbling. We started our Clarus Wealth journey 10 years ago with a goal to delight our clients and there is no better way to celebrate this milestone than with this award. We are so grateful to our wonderful clients who we have the privilege of helping, and of course, our team who always go above and beyond.

Today’s clients have the power of choice. They are more informed, have higher expectations, and are willing and able to switch brands with ease. Making the client experience more important than ever.

By listening and acting on IIC assessment findings, we commit to continuing to deliver a “Gold” experience to our clients.

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